The founders of the Association “ROMANO MORE”, Center of classical studies, aim to promote the active use of Latin and ancient Greek, both in written and spoken form. The intention is to contribute to the renewal of their teaching in schools and stimulate the interest of anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge in a more spontaneous and natural way, even outside of School.

It is  true conviction that speaking and writing a language is the fastest and easiest way to learn it and also the only way to get to owning one real mastery with which access to a complete and genuine knowledge of the heritage of ideas and values that that language expresses.

The teaching of classical languages, currently practiced in schools around the world, is oriented to passive knowledge of written text. In other words, mainly classical languages are taught  translating them into a modern language, learning by heart grammatical rules and using the indispensable as well as bulky dictionary. Decades of fruitless results prove that such learning is unnatural, ineffective, undemanding.

As a result, Latin and ancient Greek are today increasingly seen by most of the students and also by a growing number of teachers, as a code that is accessible only to a narrow circle of specialists.

The study of grammar must certainly accompany learning but not absorbing it completely. The learning by heart of abstract and logical rules and links has instead quickly mortified classical languages and rendered mute the works written in those languages

Millennia of renewed vitality and versatility testify instead of Latin and ancient Greek, that they have met a fate that made them immortal.

Purpose of the Association “ROMANO MORE”, Center of classical studies, is to return to an active use of these languages to greatly speed up and facilitate the learning process, making it more natural and rewarding. For this, it fosters a learning process based on the practice of listening and speaking joined to  reading as many texts as possible.

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