Romano More (english)

“ROMANO MORE”, Center of classical studies, is a cultural association based in Rome which has as its aim the restoration and spread of active use of the classical languages, Latin and ancient Greek, as natural and immediate way for their learning.

Founded by experienced teachers of the Italian Public School, it would like to promote a new teaching Latin and ancient Greek for learning and speaking them  more quickly and effectively.

Educational renewal is the only means by which oppose the inexorable decline in the schools of the study of classical languages which is perceived as too far from the life’s experience of the students.

The association organises regular meetings to provide the foundation needed for the practice of spoken language  to anyone wishing to learn or deepen their knowledge of classical languages. The aim is  to achieve their perfect command, as is the case for anyone who speaks an alive language.

We organize and promote meetings between people who share similar interests according to a humanistic conception and who believe in an advancement of knowledge

It is therefore  the hope of “ROMANO MORE”, Center of classical studies, to provide the opportunities for deepening of the culture of the “ancient world” through the active use of words that it has left us and for  the return to live of that human affection which the ancients called PIETAS.