About us

ROMANO MORE is a non-profit cultural association founded in January 2017 by the initiative of a group of teachers of  a Roman High School and a student of the Sapienza University of Rome.

Anyone who shares the goals and interests of the Association can apply for membership to the Board of Directors of the Association also through this website (see link).

The Governing Council will assess subscription requests and will reserve to accept or reject them without having to justify its decisions.

Membership of the Association is valid for one year and does not provide for the automatic renewal.

The membership provides for the payment of a membership fee fixed in the regulations of the Association and allows you to participate in the initiatives and activities carried out during the year as determined by collective bodies.

Members are entitled to access the restricted area of the website, to read its contents and to include your comments or requests.

Some of the activities, to which a member is not required to participate, may require the payment of a reimbursement of the costs of the performance.

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